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Ongoing Offers

T-ZO deals include an ever-changing selection of special offers on your entire purchase at checkout, in-store and sitewide. While T-ZO offers competitive values on regular priced dishes and beverages, we want our beloved customers being able to enjoy our Northern Style of Vietnamese Cuisine for less with T-ZO promo codes, T-ZO coupons, and other T-ZO offers. Plus, with T-ZO Rewards, you can save even more!

JOIN T-ZO TASTY REWARD PROGRAM Enjoy T-ZO Northern Vietnamese Cuisine dishes with our online Tasty Reward Program! In particular, you get 1 FREE order after making 10 online orders @ * HOW IT WORKS - Once activated, T-ZO will reward participating customers with a free meal worth the average of the purchasing amount of the last 10 orders. - The credit rewards cannot be used for in-store purchases. - Once you decide to apply your credit rewards on the 11th order, all your rewards balance will be spent on the order. The reward cannot be partially redeemed. * HOW TO PARTICIPATE - To participate in the online tasty reward program, customers will need to check out using the Facebook or Google+ account linking option. - Besure to use the SAME Facebook or Google+ account when you check out. - Guest checkout orders do not count towards the virtual punch card and previous orders cannot be retroactively validated. * FOR MORE INFORMATION OF THE PROGRAM:

T-ZO Gift Cards

Enjoy our new gift card program.

You will get 10% OFF when you use your gift card for future order.

You can buy the gift card over the phone/in store.

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